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  • Pranayama S1 - Ujjayi & Kapalbhati

    Ujjayi is use during yoga asana practice (movement)... and helps to concentrate and meditate.
    Kapalbhati also known as breath of fire, warms up your body, detoxifies, great to awaken and invigorate... Please don't do it IF PREGNANT.

    Always BE MINDUFL when practicing Pranayama

  • Pranayama S2 - Prenatal - Breathing

    Alternate breathing helps to balance the brain, feel more focused, center.
    BE MINDFUL when practicing pranayama (breathing exercises).

  • Pranayama S3 - Postnatal - Breathing

    Balances your mind, emotions, feel relaxed, centered and re-energized.
    BE MINDFUL when practice pranayama

  • Pranayama S4 - Breathing for Everyone

    Deepen the breath, explore and discover the benefits of practicing pranayama.
    Be MINDFUL when practicing pranayama.

  • Pranayama S5 - Access to Meditation

    Practice, practice, practice.... Find the beautiful space within, find the answers, find the comfort, find peace. There's so much beautiful gifts once discovered when we get more familiar and comfortable in the quite space.